About Us

Leap Frog Group has been supplying online software and technical services to non-profits, civic organizations and small businesses since 1996.


Trudy Barker, CEO/Senior Analyst

  • Ms. Barker founded Leap Frog Group in 1996 to provide online applications software and technical services.
  • She currently is technically expert in various online CMS systems and the supporting technologies.
  • She started her career at IBM while obtaining her degree in Computer Science from the University of Minnesota. During over a decade as a Computer Scientist at a Stanford Research Institute (SRI), she concentrating on emerging database and internet technologies which included fielding numerous advanced technology applications. She worked as part of the technical team at the NIC (network information center) and has served on a number of international standards bodies. One of the several companies she founded, built the marketplace for Office.com. Another startup, that she helped found, built the first ATM switches to be used in the internet backbone and was sold to Cisco.
  • Ms. Barker has also served as marketing VP and other executive roles in leading networking industry companies in Silicon Valley. Internationally recognized as an expert in Local Area Networks, she was the Principal Analyst at Gartner Group for vendor local area networking.
  • In addition to her current work with Leap Frog, she is very actively involved in civic affairs, has served on various boards and promotes many grass roots causes.

Travis Jarman, CTO

  • Mr. Jarman joined Leap Frog in 2002. Mr. Jarman has designed, built and operated successful business applications throughout his career. He is unusual in that he started building online software applications many years ago and has now fielded a large number of CMS systems.
  • He has integrated many open source components into various systems for use by Leap Frog Group’s customer base. Current programming expertise includes both server side and client side with current experience in PHP, SQL, AJAX, Java, Drupal, WordPress and Frog.
  • With decades of experience in systems design, programming and executive IT management positions at Honeywell International and as the Vice President and Chief Information Officer of Piper Aircraft, Mr. Jarman has a unique blend of vision and the demonstrated ability to deliver very successful systems.
  • Mr. Jarman has a college degree from the University of South Florida along with graduate work and considerable amounts of continuing education at various institutions including Harvard and Stanford.
  • Mr. Jarman sits on the boards of several nonprofit organizations and is very active in local civic affairs.