We have hundreds of groups that we work with; including those which are “uncredited”. In most cases, we are able to give you links to live examples of various features that we have used for others.

Summer 2015 Technology: Lakewood Estates

Modern Responsive Graphics
Yet Easy for Volunteers to Update

Lakewood Estates is graphically interesting and “jazzy” at the top level, but behind the scenes it is simple enough to offer three different levels of editing for the volunteers to use to keep their information updated.   From the simplest “facebook style” consumer level editing to a much more capable visual editor, we can assign ever increasing abilities to the volunteers. Our mission was to go a step beyond even “super simple” to allow volunteers to edit parts of the site that are expected to change frequently, The challenge was to still retain a modern responsive look,

Summer 2015 Technology: Joel Sloan Foundation

Low Cost to Build
Low Cost to Operate

The Joel Sloan Foundation needed to get started on their mission right away, since they provide funding to kids who might not otherwise have a chance to attend summer camp with their friends,   Their program grew 10 fold this year and we will be expanding the site with new features to support their growing mission and fund raising. Many of the features can be switched on at the touch of a button.

Volunteer Editors: Jacksonville Arboretum & Gardens (This site is quiet in the summers)

Rapid changing programs and events requiring software applications
Highly engaged audience

The Jacksonville Arboretum and Gardens has been maintained by many volunteer editor’s over the years and is very heavily used by visitors to look at hours, events, trail maps, etc.  They rapidly change programs, events and fundraisers and require software applications.  Newsletters, Wedding rentals, ticket sales, cell phone interaction with trail signs, children’s group competitions for miles walked, outdoor painting events, etc. have all been supported by software applications that could be plugged in with minor effort. They do a championship job of keeping their site updated and it pays off!

Sharing Content Across the Country: The Scenic Organizations
Ultra Fast Setup
Low Cost to Park

Starting in 2011, over two dozen scenic groups won battles against some of the largest digital billboard companies in the world using websites from us. We gave them the tools AND the content to “hit the ground running”. We were able to put many of the websites online in a few hours. These groups only need to take action periodically, but on very short notice, so it was important to avoid paying ongoing fees yet have the ability to “switch on the political machine” when required to do so.

Here’s what some of those sites were used for.

Petition and Voter Referendum:  Rapid City South Dakota
New Laws Passed

Rapid City's Website WON them a petition drive and voter referendum

Please visit the site at www.scenicrapidcity.org. It’s not currently being used actively because the group has achieved it’s purposes, but you can see what a full campaign  looked like by visiting. This effort attracted the attention of filmmakers working on a documentary called “Chronicle of the Billboard Wars”.

Yup we are in the movie, but don’t let that impress you.  We were just helping provide turnkey technology for the thousands of volunteers in over 23 cities across the nation with their scenic cause.

We have also done grass root political sites involving legally oriented petition drives across the country for Libraries, Condo owners, Communities along toll roads and many others.

City and County laws have been rewritten or changed as a result of these actions by citizen groups across the country.  We salute them for all their hard work and support them with the technology needed to “hit the ground running” sometimes on 2 hour notice!

Numerous Other Examples

We have many other features and functions that we can show you recent examples of in live environments, so just ask and we’ll be glad to give you the tour of sites that illustrate how we’ve solved specific problems for our non-profits.

SOME of our sites are nearly 20 year old!!!   So please don’t assume that a site you see with our name on it is new or represents our current work.   The groups we serve often have sites that suit their needs and resist us tooth and nail when we suggest updating the technology. Some of them even demand a grass roots “home grown look” specifically to counter the slick “ad industry” sites put up by corporate lobbyists that are in opposition.

We have libraries, arboretums, Scenic Organizations, political grass roots organizations and many more examples we can show you and quite possibly can show you what a group just like your own has done.

Commercial Online Presence:

We also do multiple commercial websites per year, so please don’t hesitate to ask for examples of our work on behalf of businesses across the country.  From the massive online sales site ($9m) to to the smallest “business card” site ($100), we probably have an example to show you that is similar to what you would like to accomplish.